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Sensitive data at many organizations are subjected to uncontrolled sprawl, resulting from excessive data collection, rampant and uncontrolled data duplication, flawed business processes or long and unnecessary data retention. Documents, files and data sharing within and outside of an organization further compound the risk of a data breach or mishandling.


Identify your sensitive data, all of it. Anywhere.


Spirion enables you to pinpoint business critical, regulated and sensitive data buried deep within your organization and then persistently classify it so your organization can employ secure protection strategies including shredding, redacting and encrypting.


Spirion uses AnyFind™ technology to find any data such as social security, credit card numbers or intellectual property by employing contextual search technology that goes beyond fingerprint and pattern or regex style searching. AnyFind™ discovers the very difficult to find data and then verifies it using proprietary validation and advanced data logic algorithms that are unparalleled in the industry.


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